Much research has been done of the effects on the body through reflexology and acupressure.  In China literally thousands of studies have been conducted to understand how reflexology works.  Other countries like Spain are pioneers in such research and, in particular one conducted by an M.D. ,Dr. Jesus Manzanares proves the deposits under the skin reflect an imbalance of the organ or body part represented in the corresponding reflex area in the foot. 


Still other research has shown pain reduction is a signifcant result of reflexology work.  Twenty seven studies show positive outcomes for people receiving reflexology, ranging from "significant difference in pain" to an actual "reduction in pain."



“Reflexology and increased self awareness has helped me improve my health.  I suffer from irritable bowel syndrome due to anxiety.  I now have less bloating and I am more comfort in general . Sessions with Dawn have helped me to become more in tuned to destructive habits, as well as messages from my body.”

Catia B.


Further findings are that reflexology helps individuals of all ages with over 70 health issues ranging from aggressive behavior in young people to urinary concerns of the elderly. 


Research has demonstrated that reflexology use enhances medical care to help where the use of medicine alone may fall short.  Some examples are cancer patients using chemotherapy, hemodialysis patients, diabetics, neuropathy patients, and a host of others.



“I was diagnosed with prostate cancer this year.  I began using reflexology to calm myself and to help me get attuned to my body.  I am so grateful to be cancer-free and I feel that reflexology combined with other lifestyle changes has helped me heal faster and more effectively from surgery.”

Michael S.

Studies have shown that reflexology influences physiological measures within the body.  These measures include and demonstrate positive impact on: blood pressure, systolic blood pressure, pulse rate, blood uric acid level, carbon dioxide (exhaled), cholesterol, cortisol, ECG, EEG,  free radicals, hemoglobin, oxygen density, oxygen saturation, serotonin levels, triclycerides, uric acid and white blood cell count as well as immune system, intestinal, kidney and pancreas function.


“Reflexology helps me to relax...something I have a hard time doing.  Whatever else is going on is an extra.  I really enjoy regular sessions.”


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