I'm Dawn, the face behind moon over mala

I recently started up this small business because I wanted a creative outlet to express and to share my love of malas. They are beautiful handmade ornaments but also have an effect on the subtle energies of the person wearing them. 


Life has brought me many vocations including work as a Reflexology Therapist and teacher, a fashion Buyer, and consistent work in Business.  I have been on a path moving toward the conscious awareness of my truest nature for many years.  I am the mother of an artist.  When spending time together during the early years, we played with bead making.  I always found the creation of beaded jewellery to be relaxing and tranquil.  A trip to Bali in the fall of 2018 further cultivated my love of beading.  My work with Moon Over Mala is an exercise of love and pure joyful creation. 

I am so enjoying working with these pieces and hope that you will discover their power along with me. ✨

So much love

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