What is a mala?

A Mala is a beaded string creating a necklace or bracelet made with natural gemstones and semi-precious sacred beads. These beads are used in a spiritual meditation practice. They are a tool for the individual to count mantras, and acts as a guided distraction to keep you out of your mind.

These simple ‘mala’ style bracelets are made with a deep intention for your highest good.  The bracelets are intended to be a visible token for you to return to a state of conscious awareness.  Over the years I have designated many precious objects as a sacred “talisman” to be a trigger to bring me to my truest Self. This object, usually carried in my pocket is meant to remind me to be non-judgmental in my interactions. That is what I need most in my life. 

It's easy to lose touch with the center of our being, our authentic nature.  All relationship with Self and others is a reflection of who we are in the moment.  We always have the choice to react or to accept.  

The wrist treasure is my offering to you as a reminder to pause and to respond from a place of compassion and non-judgment, or whatever you feel you need to practice Being.  


These bracelets have all been cleared under a full moon and are ready for you to activate them with your highest intention.  Hence the name, Moon Over Mala.


What do you need to be reminded of most?    

We use high quality beads including, the sacred rudraksha seed, as well as amethyst, amazonite, rose quartz, turquoise, ebony wood, matt stone, mother of pearl and our favorite, moonstone and moonstone opal.  


We hope you like our treasures and suggest that you find a place in nature to hold your bracelet and in a space of pure love, activate it with the one thing you wish to remember to BE in your life. 


Thanks for your support, and so much love! 

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